Front Squats:
7 reps every 2:30 x 4
Worked up to 120 lbs

Back rack box step ups
10/side every 3 minutes x 3
Used 55 lbs

5 rounds for time:
200 meter run
10 lateral burpee over the bar
5 deadlifts (155 lbs)

– – – – –

Before and after our European cruise and adventures, I took some time off from Crossfit, macros, dieting, and things I thought I should be doing. It was a really fantastic break both mentally and emotionally.

The last two weeks I’ve been transitioning to my new schedule (3, 12 hour shifts) and getting back into the groove of working. I have not been to RAW or to a Crossfit box in almost 4 weeks. The first two weeks back I stuck with hot yoga and signed up for a 3 month package with the studio where I take yoga. It’s been a different type of workout but it’s been great for me mentally.

This week I got back into the Crossfit groove. I have most of the equipment to get workouts done at home in my garage, so I’ve been using my garage gym a good amount. I can’t afford both RAW and yoga, so it’s the best of both worlds right now.

I’m back on the macro tracking train and getting things consistent again. My daily intake is much higher than it was last year at this point, so I’m not feeling deprived or like I’m going to go crazy any minute.

This summer I plan on taking my board again for my Physician Assistant certification. So most of my off days will be spent at the pool or home studying, which I’m ok with. It’s actually making me a better PA in practice, going through and reviewing all of the information again. I have 4-5 attempts to take it if anything happens, but I’m a positive thinker and a visualizer and I know I’ll pass.

But that’s about it. If I get some time, I’ll share some of our pictures from Europe and what was the most amazing trip I’ve ever taken. I hope you have a great day!


Today’s workout:

Power Clean (work to a heavy 1 rep)
Worked up to 165lbs

Paused 3 rep front squat
Worked up to 145 lbs

12 minute AMRAP
10 deadlift (95 lbs)
10 box jumps
10 hang power cleans (95 lbs)
10 box jumps
10 shoulder to overhead (95 lbs)
10 box jumps
Didn’t count rounds or reps, just kept moving

– – – – – –

I was looking back through some of my older blog posts, and this is why I love blogging, to see my progress, my set backs, and just a look back at my previous workouts that I completed. I loved how my body changed while on my journey with Team WAG, but was also sad to look back on the time when I was injured and couldn’t even bend over or lift anything heavy for 6 months.

This morning I woke up a little sleepy, but still wanted to get some type of a workout in. I opted for working out in my garage just for a quick lifting session and WOD. This summer Mike and I are going to clean out the garage fully and I’ll definitely share my essentials for a garage gym and how I have my stuff set up.

My new favorite thing is lifting in the driveway in the sun. My neighbors are all really nice, but I don’t think they really know that I do Crossfit. So it’s a little unnerving to lift and drop the barbell overhead on the driveway at 8:00 in the morning, but I’m getting over that fear and that feeling. It’s just too nice to not lift outside or get the WOD done in the sun.

My power cleans felt good this morning, but my form always seems to break down the heavier I get. My arms do this funky thing when I catch the heavier cleans, so I was trying to work on that this morning. I wanted to do something different than regular front squats, hence the paused squats. They got tough, fast.

– – – – –

Mike and I are headed to Europe in just a few weeks and I am so excited! We’re traveling with two close friends and we’ve been looking forward to going overseas for SO LONG. We have saved so much money for this trip that no expense will be spared. We’re fully prepared and I cannot tell you how excited I am.

I have a few busy weeks leading up to this trip mainly because I picked up an extra shift and was scheduled for a good amount of shifts before I left just so I wouldn’t have to use a ton of PTO while we’re gone. Today I plan on taking another walk with my Mom and Goose (and maybe Mike), meal prepping for my three 12’s this week coming up in a row, so that I’m fully prepared with food, and enjoying the evening with a family cook out complete with ribs!

I hope you enjoy the end to your weekend and get some down time in!


Sumo Deadlift 5 x 5
Worked with 165 lbs

Goblet Squat 5 x 10 at 25 lbs

Push Jerk 3 x 3
Worked with 135 lbs

Ring rows 3 x 10

Lateral and front raises 3 x 10 with 10 lbs

Back step lung 3 x 10 with 25 lbs

5 rounds of 15 second sprint, 45 second rest

– – – – – –

I really just felt like lifting at home yesterday and today, especially because I have to work this afternoon. I wanted to get something quick in but something that wouldn’t totally demolish my back.

I’ve been doing some thinking and some research on my own about Crossfit type workouts increasing stress on the body as well as inflammation and therefore increasing cortisol. While I love the intensity of Crossfit, I’m beginning to think that maybe 2 or 3 WODs a week is enough for me…maybe even less with my back. It seems like the WODs where you’re repetitively lifting heavy-ish weight and your form breaks down is the worst for my back (obviously).

I liked this mornings slower style of just lifting. It gave me some time to think and to enjoy each set that I was doing. I only threw the last two exercises on just for accessory work, but sometimes I miss just the straight forward lifting like I was doing in the globo gym before.

Maybe it’s time to add this kind of stuff back in. Maybe less is more for my body and my back.